Five Factors That Determine Headstone Prices

There are few purchases in life that are as significant as a headstone or other type of memorial.  A new car eventually gets handed down or worn out until the car must be retired.  A house provides years of wonderful memories, but will one day be home to a different family.  A memorial is the permanent record that tells of our short time on this earth, and preserves our memory for many generations to come.

While a headstone typically does not cost as much as a new car or house, there are a wide range of options that can dramatically effect the price.  One of our professional memorial counselors will help you plan a personalized memorial to fit any budget.  When planning this important tribute to your loved one’s life, keep these Five Factors that Determine Headstone Prices in mind.

1. Size

The size of a headstone may range from small grass level markers to large upright monuments.  The maximum size is usually determined by the lot size and cemetery rules.  Prices for small markers start around $300 with upright headstone prices starting around $695-$974.

2. Material

The colors of stone being quarried around the world today have expanded greatly over the past two decades. Imported materials are available and often take no longer than American materials to be fabricated and installed. From Georgia blue granite to India jet black granite to Italian Carrara marble. Each material varies in price. Vice-president, Pat Brown, has traveled to many of these quarries all over the world to ensure that we only use the most select grades of granite and marble available in the industry.

During the headstone planning process, one of our memorial counselors will help you decide which material works best for your budget and design. Which brings me to factor number three.

3. Design

Our design process begins with a free consultation. At this time, a memorial counselor will help you select certain design elements.  These elements can include extra lettering (any lettering other than the name and dates),the shape of the headstone, and symbolic carving or etching.

Extra lettering is typically figured at a per letter rate. Many people like to include significant verses or quotes.

A headstone’s shape is only limited by imagination. The shape can have symbolic meaning (like a heart or a cross) or can be a more abstract shape.

The carving or etching can reflect values, hobbies, or careers.  A wide range of detail can be achieved using different carving processes as well.

Various types of moulding and architectural details are also used in memorial design.  You may view some examples of moulding in our estate portfolio.

4. Finish

Headstone prices can be altered by changing the finish.  A headstone is a three dimensional object.  While a smooth, polished finish is often desired for the edges and base, a more natural, rough finish can lower the price.  When viewing our Memorial Portfolio, notice the use of different textures and  finishes.

5. Cemetery Regulations

Before planning a memorial, it is important to know if your cemetery requires certain sizes or materials.

Cemeteries that only allow bronze grave markers are very common throughout the United States.   Bronze is often more expensive than granite.  We, at Brown Memorials, are proud to offer some of the most competitive bronze prices available. Standard size single bronze grave markers with a granite base start at $1,130, and double bronze grave markers start at $2,207. Smaller sizes are available.

Brown Memorials has been designing and producing quality headstones to fit every budget for 106 years. It would be a privilege to help you create a quality memorial that will withstand the test of time.

For more information about headstones prices or a free consultation call us toll free at 866.430.6378 or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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