Companion Headstones

Companion headstones are classified by several features.  The first being that the memorial is most often designed for two people.  On occasion, a child or other relative may share the same headstone.  The names are carved on the upright stone as opposed to separate grave markers or grave ledgers.

A companion headstones size is most often determined by the size of lot.  For a two space lot, the average length of the base should be 5-1/2′ – 6′ for a wider style memorial.

A very wide range of materials and processes are available for any type of memorial.  With so many options for planning headstones, it is important that you seek professional advice from a qualified memorialist.

A compelling memorial begins with an inspired story, and we, at Brown Memorials would consider it a privilege to assist you with this most important task.  Call us toll free at 866.430.6378 or email us at to speak with one of our memorial counselors today!


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